Kim’s Review

From our initial meeting, as a perspective realtor “interviewing” for an opportunity to sell our home, we found Kelly to be extremely knowledgeable, honest and professionally passionate about her business. Selecting Kelly Walters Bradham as our realtor came down to the pleasant vibe she consistently emitted. In addition to Kelly, we had the pleasure of also working with her associate, Alex David…..a true gem…just as committed as Kelly to helping their clients, Alex possesses a wealth of helpful homeowner tips and recommendations. Together, this dynamic duo expeditiously facilitated a smooth sale of our home, (contract to purchase presented 1st day on market). Kelly subsequently found and successfully negotiated the purchase of our new home enabling us to close on that property within 30 days of initial contract. From painters to plumbers, from to appliances to tile work, through Alex’s assistance, his willingness to share his professional contact list was a blessing and instrumental in the completion of all our ‘pre-move-in renovations’! Overall, Kelly Walters Bradham and Alex David are a 5-star class act!

— Kim Smith